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Start learning smarter and faster with your own personal tutor AI powered by the most advanced AI technology.

Better Grades

Improve your grades with personalized AI-powered help. Dive deeper into your subjects with challenging questions, complex concepts, and instant, tailored answers. Ensure deep and lasting understanding with our help.

Save Time

Study more efficiently with our help. Transform complex textbooks into concise summaries with EducateAI. Focus on key concepts and reduce your study time by up to 50%. You'll spend less time searching and more time understanding.

Grow Independently

In today’s world, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are more important than ever. We will help you develop these essential skills. We tailor content to your needs, empowering you to become a more independent and effective learner.

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Challenges as a Student

Many students struggle, leading to stress and lower grades. Traditional study methods—like extensive reading and note-taking—are time-consuming and often fail to address individual learning needs. These conventional approaches result in superficial understanding rather than deep, lasting knowledge. Without personalized support, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

    “As a college student, it is great to have something where you can ask anything about your topic and always get the right answer as long as your question are good formulated.”

    Pierre, Student of Industrial Engineering at IU


    EducateAi vs. ChatGPT

    EducateAi combines the advanced language capabilities of AI, similar to ChatGPT, with the specific content of your study PDFs, offering unparalleled accuracy and detail in responses. This integration ensures that answers are not only linguistically coherent but also precisely aligned with your educational material.

    Unlike ChatGPT's broad knowledge base, EducateAi focuses on your specific PDFs, delivering detailed answers directly relevant to your studies. It's like transforming your textbooks into an interactive, AI-powered tutor, providing in-depth explanations and insights based on your course content.

    EducateAi's strength lies in its personalization. It goes beyond general AI understanding, tailoring responses to theories, examples, and information from your own study materials. This approach bridges the gap between general AI assistance and specialized academic guidance, offering a level of customization that elevates your learning experience.

    All-in-One Tutor AI at Your Fingertips

    Start to really understand your topics

    Your chats are sorted on the left, your current conversation is in the middle, and you can easily scroll through uploaded PDFs on the right. This layout is designed for a seamless learning experience, with everything just a click away.

    Instant Chapter Overviews

    Accelerate your study sessions with Instant Chapter Overviews from our Tutor AI. This tool provides a concise summary of each chapter, highlighting key themes and ideas, so you can understand the core content at a glance. Ideal for prepping before classes or for a quick revision session, our Tutor AI makes complex topics manageable.
    Tailored Chapter Summaries

    Immerse yourself in personalized learning with Tailored Chapter Summaries crafted by our Tutor AI. By analyzing your interactions with the material, our Tutor AI creates summaries that focus on your unique learning needs, ensuring a study experience that's efficient and fine-tuned to your academic goals.
    Custom Flashcards

    Enhance retention with Custom Flashcards designed by our Tutor AI. Based on your study materials, these flashcards are optimized to reinforce your knowledge, focusing on the concepts you need to master. Utilize this active recall and spaced repetition tool for an effective learning strategy recommended by Tutor AI.
    Real-World Examples

    Bridge the gap between theory and practice with Real-World Examples provided by our Tutor AI. By connecting theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios, Tutor AI ensures complex ideas become more tangible, which aids in understanding and long-term memory. This approach makes learning engaging and relevant, preparing you for real-world application.
    24/7 Question Answers

    Questions don't stick to a schedule, and neither does our Tutor AI. Available 24/7, it's always ready to provide you with instant, accurate answers, ensuring that you're supported whenever you choose to study. With our Tutor AI, you have a knowledgeable companion at your side, day or night.
    Clear Concept Explanations

    Confront difficult subjects with confidence using Clear Concept Explanations from our Tutor AI. Designed to demystify complex ideas, Tutor AI breaks down challenging topics into digestible explanations. This feature helps you develop a strong understanding and is just one of the ways our Tutor AI empowers your learning journey.
    How it Works

    Your Personalized Learning Journey in 3 Simple Steps

    “The moment you join, EducateAi adapts to you. You're not just another user; you're a unique learner with specific goals. Built by students, for students, we know what you're going through. We're here to make your learning journey easier and smarter.

    I invite you to experience the future of education. Take the first step towards smarter, more efficient learning. Join EducateAi today.“


    • Step 1: Sign Up for Free
      Your personalized learning journey starts the moment you sign up. We'll ask about your educational path and major to tailor your EducateAi experience right from the start.
    • Step 2: Upload Your Study Material
      Upload your academic PDFs of your module. Our AI will analyze these materials to create personalized study solutions based on your specific questions and needs.
    • Step 3: Engage and Learn
      As you explore your study materials, ask questions and engage as much as possible with your materials on any topic. The answers you get are personalized, AI-generated responses that are aligned with your study materials and academic focus. Learn and remember more, faster—with an active learning approach tailored to you.

    Learning is not a spectator sport; it's an active endeavor. With EducateAi, you're not just in the game, you're playing it smarter. Our AI-driven platform empowers you to engage in the most effective form of learning, setting you on the fastest path to academic excellence.

    Study smarter not harder
    with our Tutor AI

    Don't study harder, study smarter with our Tutor AI. Discover a personalized, efficient approach to mastering any subject.

    Tutor AI FAQ
    Frequently asked questions

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, E-Mail us and will get back to you.

      • Who is EducateAI's Tutor AI made for?'

        For college students, especially STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) students. But everyone else can also use our Tutor AI to save time and stress.

      • How does EducateAi's Tutor AI work?

        EducateAi is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance your learning experience. Upload your study materials and ask for anything you need to know about your subject. Note that you will get the best results if your questions are very specific and detailed.

      • How does Tutor AI support my learning and knowledge?

        We use the PDF's you provide to identify what needs to be learned and what is important in the subject areas, based on that we will give you answers to your questions. This is the easiest way to consolidate your knowledge and really understand the topics! This is scientifically proven.

      • How can I use EducateAI Tutor to get the most out of it?

        It's best to go through your modules with us from start to finish, asking questions like 'What are the most important facts in chapter X' or 'Please explain X in more detail.' Read more about this on our blog

      • Why am I not getting any good answers to my question?

        We need your documents, i.e. the module context, to be able to tailor your questions to you, as there are always many answers to each question. Also, it is always better to ask a very specific question, the more specific the question, the better the answer.

      • What are the advantages of using EducateAI Tutor AI?

        By interacting with us/your learning material, you will understand much faster and better what you need to learn and what is important in your documents, which is scientifically proven to be the best way to learn. You will also learn more in less time and have less stress because you can always ask questions if you get stuck.

      • We are currently in the BETA testing phase, how does that affect you?

        You are one of the most advanced people to learn. But the answers are still being validated and evaluated so that we can always give you the best answer. A reload can also help if there is a problem.

      • How can I provide feedback?

        We welcome and appreciate your feedback! You can provide feedback through the in-app feedback formand via email We are always eager to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas for improvement.